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What We Do Best

The Byzantium process requires minimal time investment for our clients; we understand how valuable your time is.  A short meeting to discuss your goals and obtain a scope of your current and future requirements is all that is required. Byzantium eliminates the need to spend countless hours and meetings with multiple sales vendors.  Make one call to Byzantium, schedule one meeting and you’re set.

Byzantium Engineers have several years of experience, which only enhances our ability to present the most current technology available at the best price; we strive to build long term mutually beneficial relationship with all of our Clients.

We save you time, money and the aggravation from working with the phone company and its competitors.

We provide a comprehensive free audit of your Voice and Data lines.  This complete audit allows you to see what you actually have versus what you’re paying for.  When the audit is completed We provide you a detailed spreadsheet of our evaluation One of our qualified engineers will discuss the results with your business to determine overall business goals and future requirements.  Based on our findings we make recommendations utilizing those results, using today’s technology and current promotional pricing. This often results in a significant savings to our clients.  As a Client, we become your Phone Company, your single source contact. One phone call that’s all.  We take it from there. We work with the carriers to get a complete resolution and give you status updates as needed.  That allows you concentrate on your business which allow you to make more revenue.

Byzantium is an authorized Master agent for the top Tier Carriers in the Country. We can Engineer a complete solution for your company, which includes design for both hardware and software.  We will make the best recommendation based on your companies needs. By having multiple companies competing for your business, Byzantium will ensure that you get the best value for the product that fit your business requirements.

Byzantium will coordinate the entire process and will streamline the installation all you do is sit back and relax while we go to work for you.  In addition, we will program any necessary changes to your existing phone equipment to meet the requirements based on the recommendations we provide. This service alone could result in big overall savings to your company.

Moving forward, once you become a client of Byzantium LLC we are your phone company.  We have qualified agents standing by waiting to help you, you will always get a live qualified agent and never have to go through a vast menu and try to figure out how to route your call.  We will get you back on track as soon as we get your call.  We do this by taking charge and initiating all service orders on your behalf, we will have your calls re-routed with in minutes.  Less down time means more revenue.    

We are your solution

No Cost Solution:
Make one call to Byzantium Carrier Services and an expert engineer will do all the work for you.

Best Solution at the Best Price:
Byzantium Carrier Services will obtain competitive bids from top tier providers, examine various promotions, technology and platforms, then present you with the best option.

Hassle Free Project Management:
When you become a Byzantium customer, a project manager will oversee your install from start to finish. Our team of project managers ensure a seamless transition and will keep the client informed of the project status through every stage.

Single Point of Contact Support:
Upon completion of new service installation Byzantium becomes your phone company. We provide you with a single point of contact for all of your customer support issues.