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Telecommunications 101

Sometimes you just need to be informed.  We'll help you understand the best communication solutions for your company.

Common Questions
you may want to ask

How much does a phone system actually cost? What info do I need to select a good phone system? How many lines do I need? VoIP or SIP? What are the differences? And so may more. 

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The Telephone
A Breif History ...

You may think it all started with Alexander Graham Bell, but we have a surprise for you.  The telephone has a deep and rich history and it goes back further then tin-cans and a tight string.

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The Terms that are important ...

Every-so-often you may need a some help in your terminology.  We're here to help.  Simply refer to our list of telecommunication terminology whenever you're in need of that clarification.

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What Matters
Trust in your provider/consultant...

You may know the history of telecommunications, how the phone works, all the terms, and more, but do you really need to? The answer is 'no'. That's becuase you have a provider that knows it for you!

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